Mission: Sexploitation

Mission: Sexploitation

What do you get when you take TEN sex crazed guys throw in a set of anal beads a penis pump and strong libidos? “MISSION SEXPLOITATION”   It’s amazing what kind of trouble these guys get into to earn a few bucks or regain their freedom.  Matthew Ross, our money hungry bar-keep, gets his staff to secure and recruit unassuming guys for his underground live web cam shows and sexual performances for his own personal pleasure. This is a story of deception, thrills and HOT uninhibited sex that is truly a must see. The sex AND the story line will keep you riveted to the screen.


Featuring: Ricky Sinz, Korey Haze, Carter Longway, Evan Greene, Sky Frieze, Christian Thomas, Aden Casper, Connor Brandson, Givanni Roma and Matthew Ross.  Special Guest appearance by: Donavin Fitch.


This DVD features nearly 90 minutes of intense hard-core action. Four duet scenes that will rock your socks off, One three-way that is quite extreme and a solo performance by Ricky Sinz that can only be described in one word, Hot as Hell, oops that was three words.  Plus trailers of our other films.



Mission: Sexploitation





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