Go Play With Yourself!

Mission: Sexploitation

Straight Guys, Jocks, Twinks & Thugs, Indoors and Out. Self-Sucking and Stroking. Erupting with molten globs of creamy love!


PLUS: The Wackiest & Wildest solo ever caught on film,
Featuring: RICKY SINZ!


PLUS PLUS: Bonus footage of Carter Longway's Still Photo session.

Featuring: Ricky Sinz, Sean McAllyn, Phillip Ashton,
Aden Casper, & Carter Longway.

Introducing: Gage Steel, Justin Scott, Abu Azid, Chino,
Benjamin Scott & Josh Dobrich

Run Time: Nearly 1 hour and 45 minutes


DVD Extras: Four full trailers from our library of prior releases.





Go Play With Yourself!





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